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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Num-Keypad for your Mac

NumberKey price: ¥230($1.99) developer: BALMUDA design LTD. iTunes
NumberKey make your iPhone into your Mac's numeric keypad via Wi-Fi.
Current MacBook has potential to use as main computing machine except numeric keypad. Old iBook and PowerBook has num-lock function but current models and nifty Wireless keyboard don't. Apple seems make us to leave from bore work using Excel. NumberKey make your MacBooks into mobile workstation.
NumberKey should be launched with companion application "NumberKey Connect" witch is able to download from BALMUDA design's support page. NumberKey Connect is small and simple application which connect your iPhone. After you set your iPhone as Default Device, only launching NumberKey Connect and NumberKey on your iPhone is the way to use this solution.
NubmerKey has 4 keypad styles Black, White, Silver and Classic. Each style suites several MacBook, PowerBook and iBooks.
Though usage of NumberKey is not easy without reading tutorial, NumberKey have well designed support web site and works stable well. After some minutes of downloading companion application and making it connect, you'll get how to use NumberKey enough.
NumberKey use motion sensor in order to flipping up side down your iPhone. When your iPhone connected USB cable, you'll find flipping function is very useful.
Beautiful interface, micro mentioned function and stability is my reason to recommend NumberKey.

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