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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just symmetry, it's introduction.

Symmetry price: ¥230($1.99) developer: gravity loves time iTunes
“Symmertry” make symmetric photo as app name says.
After loading photo, symmetry processing starts automatically. Flicking to right (bottom) will move left (top) source image to its direction. It's very simple. Clicking bottom right axis rotating button or flicking vertical (horizontal) quickly changes processing axis.
Tutorial and further information is developer's website "gravity loves time".
Clicking multiply axis button bellow, Symmetry reproduces new process with using latest symmetry image. With using this reproducing process, you can make fantastic image like kaleidoscope.
Simple symmetric photo made by this app may not be charming because duplicaded image tone is even in large part of photo, but strong composition is useful. I suggest re-touching with Photogene, ColorSplash or other your favorite image effect application after saving symmetric photo like below.
Application interface is clear, stable and response is quick. These are important for image processing tool. If I request something for Symmetry, supporting undo, saving session and blured edge composition.
Anyway, ¥230($1.99) is reasonable price for this small nifty application.

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