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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's my URL! ServersMan

ServersMan price: FREE developer: FreeBit Co., Ltd. size: 3.3MB iTunes
How do you use web-server if you can bring to anywhere? ServersMan is tiny web-server hosts web site an WebDAV storage on iPhone.
After activate your account, node name is set as reach-able URL to iPhone... The phrase before is not impressive then I'd want say again “URL on MY iPhone”. At first launch, I've got excited like the time to write first HTML tags.
Activated ServersMan is stand alone web server ( in correct meaning, domain name is solved by developer FreeBit based on IPv6 technology named "Emotion Link"). The public_html directory hosts web contents to Internet after set "Public Web Access" on.
Factory set HTML shows location data, images and audio files which you set to publish. ServersMan have function to host images captured by iPhone's camera on the fly. Setting "Save Same File Name" to on, latest image will shown in same URL as pseudo camera streaming. This interesting function is same with audio file. ServersMan have recording function and save on same file also.
At the same time of launching ServersMan, Web DAV storage server works, and user can mount storage on computer's desktop with logging in. Mounted storage contains following directories. Node named directory contains editable html, images and other files hosted to WWW via ServersMan. You can edit html file on ServersMan application also.
If you want send files to iPhone, it is able to move files to MyStorage directory via WebDAV. Uploaded files appears on ServersMan to edit or preview. Opposite side transfer is able with using ServersMan's "WebGadget" menu. With using WebGadget, iPhone's photo album images and recorded files are able to be hosted to WWW and WebDAV.
Server transportation speed is rely on network where iPhone connected. Wi-Fi gives enough response and 3G network is not too slow.
Current version has wrong path to get user id, sent e-mail from ServersMan expire after application is shut down. Then other computer is necessary in order to read pass-code to enter ServersMan activation text box.
ServersMan has many weak-points. It is the most terrible battery eater ever I know. Even if I charging iPhone, ServersMan will eat battery out in 30 minutes. User interface is not clear. Web engineer can understand how it works but workflow is not streamlined. I think ServersMan's largest weak-point is html set by developer. Poor design html is not worth to publish from iPhone.
ServersMan is not something special at this time, but the things opened by this tiny web server and iPhone seems to bring us harvestfull future, even if ServrsMan is not exist at there.
I'm going to enjoy to think how ServersMan's concept work in future with modifying html on iPhone.

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freebit_support said...

Hi, my name is Shun Fushimi and I'm a member of ServersMan team in FreeBit Corp., Japan.
Thanks for using ServersMan.
BTW, we recently released version 2.0. in App Store U.S. for free!

With ServersMan@iPhone, you can use your iPhone as a Web Server.
Also you can use it as a Network File Storage too.
Both of them doesn't take you more than 5 minutes.
It works on both WiFi and 3G networks (unlike other similar apps!)

Moreover, version 2.0 enables multi-thread proccessing so you're iPhone can be accessed simultaneously from many people just like usual Web Servers.

We made some demo videos of ServersMan so please see the following if you want to know how it works.


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