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Monday, February 16, 2009

Most worthy Japanese Dictionary comes to iPhone

Kojien6 price: ¥8,500 developer: LogoVista Corporation iTunes
Japanese most reliable dictionary "Kojien 6th(広辞苑 第六版)" came to iPhone.
Kojien 6th is latest edition of famous reference Japanese - Japanese dictionary witch is used as most reliable dictionary by Japanese language professionals like novelist, author, writer and so in Japan during this half of century.
All description are well considered and written in tiny though enough informative words by 100 specialists gathered from each fields and proof read by 160 staffs in 7 years.
The price, ¥8,500 ($99) is same with actual paper "Kojien" price seems expensive but I suggest to buy it for person who are going to be an professional of Japanese culture, Kojien helps as reference to Japanese terms.
Dictionary specification
  • 240,000 entries
  • 12,000 Kanji (Chinese character) entries (1,945 Japanese standard Kanji strokes, JIS code, character history, etc...)
  • 2,800 illustration, 5,000 photos and other hundreds multi-media resources
Search method
  • index Forward/Backward match
  • Literal search
  • Idiom search
  • Search from description
  • Full text search
  • Kanji part/strokes search
  • Who's who search
  • Location name search
  • Masterpiece title search
  • Seasonal word search
  • Media type search (images, movies, sounds, table, etc... )
Though all article are written in Japanese, almost application interface are translated into English.

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