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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

News PAPER viewer

Sankei Shinbun price: Free developer: SANKEI DIGITAL INC. size: 0.2MB(initial) iTunes
If you have an iTunes Store Japan account and want to know about something news media company in Japan, this strange free news paper viewer application “Sankei Shinbun” may help.
Sankei Shinbun app is released by Japanese quality opinion news paper company in large mass-media group. Sankei released free “news paper” viewer neither news viewer nor news reader. User can see news paper image published every morning on same style.
After launching, Sankei Shinbun app receives news paper image on each launched day. Data transport is not slow in 3G network, first page appears in several seconds. Flicking to left shows next page when fully page is shown. Page thumbnails are able to be shown with tapping bottom left button.
With pinch-in, image is able to expand into ruby fonts readable resolution with downloading necessary image data partially. Expanding are not make feel slow. Flicking to other part of view scrolls image. After page data is downloaded, scrolling and scaling are convenient.
If this app shows historic document image or fine art masterpiece, application spec is enough, some person says powerful. Engineering is not best but networking, quickness and service deployment are well balanced. From a partial scope, Sankei Shinbun app seems good application. Only and huge fault is terrible combination with news and image viewer. Search, caching (high resolution data is huge) and links or other network access are not supported by this app. Though a few Japanese engineer show high performance in strange directed product and get large success,'s direction doesn't seem bright.
In fact, Sankei Shinbun corp is one of the best Internet familiar news paper company in Japan, though their opinion shouts PATRIOTISM based on PATRIOT'S selected news sources. I don't like their opinion but most clip-able URL is served them in technology scope. Japanese other news sites managed by quality paper company doesn't only allow links to their website, but also each entries are not given permanent URLs and sometime removed like BIG BROTHER in 1984 did.
I'm disgusted the situation that strange Sankei Shinbun Application is the best news paper company's action on iPhone in Japan.
Viewer program is licensed from Yappa corporation which is famous technology company serves JAVA based commercial web-3D viewer. I hope them to release image viewer shows more better arts or documents than boring news with using their technology.

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