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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Communicate with cats the master of the earth

SingingCat price: ¥115($0.99) developer: Daigo Wakabayashi iTunes
The master cute animal of the Earth interrupt their housekeeper's work every day. Their cute voice heals me but sometime, I hope they shut up. Housekeepers of cats may be happy with having SingingCat.
SingingCat is simple mewing tone application.
SingingCat have simple cute interface. Pow shaped bottom key sounds mew in each tone. Tapping keys shows some cute photos.
Only it? Yes, it's only function of SingingCat. It may no work with independent human being from cat. But this cute application makes us to communicate, if you allow me to say it's communication that only cats are searching mewing one like following photo.
If you feel some interest, visit developer Daigo Wakabayashi's website frink*info's Our first iPhone application, SingingCat is going to release from Feb 16. There is some movies of this app. And as he says, this cool application is his first one. I hope him to release more app like make me happy.

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