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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Daily" earthquake reports

Earthquake Today price: FREE! developer: Noriyoshi NAMBO iTunes
Does Japanese fear earthquake living terrible country?
Yes we fear. Earthquake is first of four fear for japan. And many Japanese want know how current earthquake was large and where is center of it. If you follow daze Japanese twitter member, you may have experience your timeline is filled "Shake", "quake" and pointer to earthquake information.
“Earthquake Today (今日の地震)” is small simple app which shows daily earthquake information. The reason of Catfish con picture icon based on Japanese tale that Catfish makes earthquake underground or Catfish notice earthquake. Then daily? Yes. 2 or 3 earthquake occurs in Japan everyday.
Though this small app is not translated, magnitude score and center location is enough to talk like “Yeah, large earth quake was. Center is not so far around Chiba”.
By the way, except earthquake (Jishin:地震), left 3 fears are thunder (Kaminari:雷), fire(Kaji:火事) and father (Oyaji:親父). Thunder is able to be noticed by weather reporting app but seems no ,within my knowledge, fire notifying app nor father (in old days, "Oyaji"(farther) means typhoon.).

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