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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drawing on iPhone... ON Safari!

Amount number of applications on AppStore shelf is over 25,000. I've bought and downloaded more 100 apps but how many Web-application on iPhone do you use, further more moved? Apple's Web-Apps collection gather 3,500 applications at their site.
HTML based application for iPhone is easy to make and well streamlined with Dashboard technology. JavaScript, SQL supported off-line-storage, smart and fast HTML engine and canvas drawing layer.
But tech is only tech until user moved by great application comes.
Now, Japanese software development company Shockwise Company's founder Yoshida Yutaka shows cool drawing application on Safari on their site not AppStore.
Access with using Safari on iPhone. You'll find iPhone wallpaper on your screen.
Sliding to enter, a blackboard is shown. Tap chalk below board, and draw on blackboard. 4 colors chalk is there. Tapping eraser clears all drawing. Chalk drawing opacity reacts with drawing speed.
Right indeed this drawing is not stored, if developer Yoshida interests to implement save function, client-side-database-storage is able to used undo also. Though I don't have idea what is his purpose of releasing this cool application, I'd say he shows infinite potential of web-application on iPhone.

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