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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Physical photo in my hand

JellyPics price: ¥230($1.99) size: 0.4MB developer: BeInteravtice! iTunes
Image distortion is one of the most pleasure on iPhone, but if application makes me frustrated in slow processing?
JellyPics is fast and excellent interactive image distortion application.
The way to use JellyPics is easy. Taken or imported photo is able to be shaken like jelly with your finger. With flicking, a part of image will follow to your finger and releasing will spring back with tiny effective animation. In order to freeze image distortion, tap another part of screen during your finger on screen. For example, flicking forefinger and tap with thumb. This feels like push a pin to image. Not only 1 finger, you can use 4 fingers to shaking image.
Shaking iPhone resets image distortion. Basically, I don't like the action shaking iPhone but I enjoy shake to reset with using JellyPics.
JellyPics will make many funny images but quick responsibility is enough to use for artwork. JellyPics make me feel physical photo on my hand. Not so many function-fully software, but it's worth.
Developer BeInteractive! [website] is known skilled ActionScript developer. Not only BeInteractive!, many Flash developer act important position in Japanese iPhone developer cluster. In Japan, Flash is implemented into many Japanese cellphones from early terms of Flash lite and large number of games released. I don't know if many of they worked for developing cellphone games, Flash developer is important in Japan anyway.

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