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Monday, March 2, 2009

Cézanne, Monet nor Gogh. Paint like yours

Oil Canvas price: ¥230($1.99)FREE! developer: BIG CANVAS Inc. iTunes
Oil canvas make impressive painting from photo with simple operation.
User interface is very simple, importing image from your photo library with tapping top-left button, and painting with scratching screen automatically picking color from template photo and when you think it's finished, save or share it.
Though Oil canvas have 5 sized brushes which shapes are simple, I feel not only it's enough, this simple interface is necessary to concentrate to paint it. If oil canvas have more 3 type of shape and painting opacity, I would gave up to spend to change tools. I suggest start from XL size brush and fill all part of canvas, and paint where you want to show with selecting brush getting smaller and smaller.
A tip here, Try color re-touching before import to oil canvas. Painted color is picked from template photo then contrast is lower than your imagination. Left image is made from high contrasted and blurred with using PhotoGene and Photo fx.
iPhone is not fixed concrete set-top box like gaming terminal or many other cellphones, though clipboard is lacked, data is able to be gave hand to hands on many cool applications.
Now (1, Mar, 2009), this simple but wonderful application is free until 50,000 download as which developer's gratitude for their nifty app PhotoArtist's sales.

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