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Monday, March 9, 2009

Professional localizer into Japanese

How to translate your Apps to English. Google translate? it's terrible. Offering Japanese speaking person from your country or your friend translator? Not so good but it's only base of localization. From my experience managing to localize applications, application localize is far from translation. String should be compressed enough to understand, User Interface Guidelines knowledge and many skills handling various data resource necessary.
I suggest you to offer to professional localizer. I introduce my friend E-WA. professional localizer into Japanese.
An entry on his blog invites localize your apps into Japanese with him.
App Store is the market to sell your works all over the world contains Japan. But you may know, because many Japanese can't use English though they understand it, language translation is necessary at there. In past years, handling multi-bytes codes and locally customized OS might you struggle in developing multi-language application. Fortunately, iPhone's modern development environment handle multi language clearly. You may find article tells how to make multi-lingual application in Apple Developer Center. Apple prepares multi-lingual architecture and tutorial, last thing you to do is finding good localization staff.
E-WA is independent professional application localizer and good translator. He have really long experience to make Japanese version of Mac apps for example, BusySinc, ClamXav, Cyberduck, Img2icns, PTHasteboard, Spanning Sync, USB Overdrive and many other. Veteran Mac user might know some of these applications and find these apps are made by not so large companies so as to develop a localization team inside.
And now, E-WA is expanding his work to iPhone apps. Contact Tool, Weightbot and more some come soon. His professional experience for Mac applications works very well in for iPhone apps.
Contact him. You'll have excellent quality localized application.

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