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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Safari 4 brings you to next web experience

"How do you tweeting?" seems world most question.
Then, how do you tweet? I love to tweet from Tweetie, I'm Japanese translator staff of it, on iPhone but I have frustrated that I can't feel in tweeting world like as using iPhone. I'm using P3:PeraPeraPrv , I'm English version coordinator of it :), on my Mac. I like this tool for posting like chatting. I've tried many twitter client on Mac but all of them don't make me feel similar with clients works on iPhone.
Then, I decided to make something and made it. The project "pbtweet" works on
pbtweet - pretty good, better tweeting experience for Safari -
  • Showing conversation chain
  • Hiding redundant tweet from timeline
  • Adding photo frame badge from
  • Supports oAutoPagerize
  • Safari 3 or later ( Strongly recommended Safari 4 )
  • Mac OS X ( recommended Leopard )
  • SIMBL (Smart Input Manager Bundle Loader)
  • GreaseKit (User script launcher on Safari)
Install and startup
  1. Install SIMBLE read guidance at SIMBLE website.
  2. Install GreaseKit read guidance at GreaseKit website.
  3. Install pbtweet go to pbtweet website and click pbtweet link.
  4. Go to


skyisle said...

Thanks for your great user-script! I met a problem with Chrome That build of chrome has problem with LocalStorage and SessionStorage. So to support that build pbtweet need to fixed like this.

function is_localstorage(){
if (typeof(sessionStorage) == 'undefined' || sessionStorage == null ||
typeof(localStorage) == 'undefined' || localStorage == null)

Taiyo Fujii said...

Thanks for sending your patch!
I'll add this and update today after confirmation.

rubdottocom said...

Pbtweet is amazing!!!!

Can you include the possibility of autocomplete followers when tweeting?


Your plugin is more beautifil than the Troy's plugin

Anonymous said...

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Author said...

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